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What is Cam and Dowel? 

Cam and Dowel is an accessory used to join two pieces of wood together, securely and effortlessly. 

The round cam slots into a pre drilled fitting hole that will be compatible with usually a cross head screw driver or a flat screwdriver. The dowel then slot into another piece of wood, then into the cam. Once the cam is twisted into position and locked using a screwdriver, the two pieces of wood are brought and tightened together. 

Using cam and dowel is a nifty way of fixing two parts of a unit together. Leaving a smart and sophisticated look with no screws or fixing elements on show. 

Cam and dowel is the best way to fix units together and at DIY Kitchens Complete, we know the smallest details make such a difference, when fixing your new kitchen together. So, by using cam and dowel fixtures, the neatest finish is always guaranteed. 

Cam and dowel is a clever and smart fixture, offering a clean look and security as these fixtures are less likely to loosen over time.



Quality Kitchens Delivered to your Door

  • Quality cam and dowel cabinets
  • Flat packed for convenience
  • Soft close hinges as standard
  • Complete units, including hinges, handles and fixings
  • 10 years warranty on all cabinets and doors

Delivery Times

Standard: 2-3 weeks
Painted kitchens: 3-4 weeks

Free Delivery for all orders over £850

English Rose Kitchens

English Rose Kitchens

We are proud to supply English Rose Kitchens, providing you with quality, flat packed kitchens.

Working with English Rose we will ensure your brand new kitchen is delivered to your door within 2-3 weeks of ordering, 3-4 weeks for painted kitchens. 

Please click here to read more about the English Rose Kitchens. 


20 Years Warranty
on all cabinets, hinges and drawer boxes. 

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